Our values

Team spirit

We strongly believe that team spirit is a key element of our success. Thanks to everyone’s coordination and collaboration, we can achieve our goals and create a healthy and stimulating work environment.

- Modèle équipe multidisciplinaire sans barrière hiérarchique
- Rencontre deux fois par jour – circulation de l’information
- Peu importe le niveau hiérarchique


Since the beginning, our integrity has ensured sound practices regarding our products as well as our teams (employees).

- Ambiance d’entreprise familiale (chaleureuse, convivialité) malgré l’expansion
- Garder le même niveau de service envers nos clients malgré l’expansion


We grow our own fresh salads and vegetables across all our facilities, guaranteeing their quality through our rigorous and flawless process.

- Each employee has a role to play, a responsibility in the growth of the business regardless of the role
- All teams have their purpose and their importance
- DNA: sense of dedication (example: remain present until a problem is solved)
- Employees are dedicated to finding solutions in the face of adversity


We believe that everyone should demonstrate openness and respect in their relations and communications with others, regardless of their status or role. Questioning and mutual support are essential to making the right decisions for the positive evolution of the organization.


We are confident that by fostering an open environment, this enables our employees to be innovative, proactive and take calculated risks.

- Programme de formation tremplin
- Liberté d’action, peu de limitation, confiance
- Carré de sable presque illimité